Our relaxation area located on the hotel's ground floor is accessible to guests staying in the hotel and chalets.

Access 3€ per person for an hour (free for children under 5)

No bathrobe available / additional towel 1 euro

This area is dedicated to your well-being and relaxation (please respect its calm atmosphere) and includes:

  • a heated indoor pool
  • bubbling beds
  • bubblings seats
  • massaging cannons

hammam with aromatherapy



To pamper yourself, book a massage with one our partners:


  • Flore Sirmiand, a massage therapist who graduated from the Chinese Medecine Institute of Toulouse, offers Sip Sen oil and Thai massages using pressure points and stretching to relax tense muscles. Flore also uses cupping therapy which helps draining and blood flow.

  +  - flore.sirmiand@gmail.com



  • Lydia Perrigueux, owner of Instant Massages, discovered massage therapy in Savoie and educated herself on the job learning various techniques: Ayurvedic, swedish and hot stones massages. Lydia's experience was enriched throughout the years particularly during her trips to Asia where she also learned Thai massage.

+ / instant-massages@gmail.com / www.instant-massages.com




+33.6.19. 54. 46.36

  • Cédric and Coraline founders of Omniamassage are ayurvedic massage praticians. This ancient Indian medecine is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

Cédric and Coraline provide two hands and four hands oil massages named Abyanga. This technique is the perfect mix between firmness and tenderness.

+ / + / omniamassage05@gmail.com